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heli-skiing in Seward with CPG
heli-skiing in Seward with CPG
Guiding clients in Seward. Sometimes the scenery is so spectacular, you forget that you have 3,000 of perfect snow waiting for you.
Photo By: Jeff Hoke

Reviews & Testimonials

Comments straight from our customer statisfaction survery and other reviews found thorughout the web.

What was the high point of your experience at CPG?

  • "Oh my so many. From the beautiful scenery, to the options of terrain, the amazing powder (never been in anything like that being from the east coast), the easy going guides, to the helpfulness of the women at the desk, to the flying of the pilots. Zack was my favorite pilot. His flying was freaking sweet! Everyone we had contact with at CPG were great and made the experience a great one. Thank you!"
  • "Sushi at the cabin and talking to Tait about Taos NM."
  • "Trip to Seward. We had poor conditions in the Chugach with low snow coverage and lots of fog. Heading to Seward turned the trip into a great Alaskan adventure."
  • "Just an overall great day. Never felt rushed or anything which was really nice."
  • "Skiing the 50+ degree slope on the last day of our trip."


Were there any low points during your experience at CPG?

  • "Lack of vetting of the other participants. Our group was not the only one that same day to have many people drop or drag the rest of the group's experience."
  • "Weather."


Is there anything we could do to improve your experience at CPG?

  • "A little more clarity on rides, though I know it's not really part of the experience. Just had a couple people mention it."
  • "Have back-country gear ready to go when helis can't fly. We could have had a day of touring with lunch on the hill and it would've been awesome."
  • "Your website."
  • "Not at all, thanks for an amazing experience!"


Do you have any other comments or concerns?

  • "You guys are the best and I'll be back."
  • "The whole experience was extremely exhilarating. Heli-skiing was a bucket list item for my wife and I. Since going out with CPG I'm hooked. I can't stop talking about it to anyone that will listen. We will definitely be back. Thank you to the entire CPG team."
  • "Hoke was very informative, safe and reliable. I was very pleased with him."
  • "A real stick to your ribs type of trip. thank you very much!"
  • "Our guide, Nick Langowski, was extremely knowledgable and accommodating. Excellent skier and excellent guide. I have already began coordinating with my Father and Brothers for a trip up there next year. I can't wait! At a minimum, I will be flying with CPG every other year for the next 30 years! Thanks so much for a great week."
  • "You guys rock! I'll be back for sure. Thanks!"
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About CPG
With 750,000 acres of heli terrain, 4 helicopters, 2 snowcats, and Alyeska Resort, CPG clients are in the mountains every day.

Chugach Powder Guides was founded in 1997 in the heart of the Western Chugach mountain range. Since then, CPG has opened up the finest backcountry skiing and snowboarding in the world, flying guests into terrain suitable for all skill levels. We have cataloged hundreds of new runs and tens of thousands of landings between the interior Chugach, Seward area, and Tordrillo mountains.

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