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Safari Celebration
Safari Celebration
The anticipation of dropping on a new run is one of the best sensations in what we do.
Photo By: Adam Clark

Premium Ski Safari

Experience a sampling of the best that South Central AK has to offer in one ski safari beyond compare.

The Premium Ski Safari is a private trip that will include all the helicopter support, guide support, hospitality, accommodations and operational support your group needs and expects from our very experienced and very enthusiastic guide team. Together we'll work out mountain zones, length of time in each, skiing expectations and total trip duration. Let us show you the best of the Chugach Mountain Range and beyond. Starting and ending at our base in Girdwood, we show off what our backyard has to offer, and then explore the vast terrain that makes South Central Alaska famous.

In our southernmost outpost of Seward, the combination of sea, sky, and jagged peaks of the Kenai Range make for an unforgettable heli-ski experience. North of Girdwood, the Northern Chugach Range and Talkeetna Mountains offer higher elevation skiing surrounded by massive glaciers and stunning scenery. We can go deeper and explore the Talkeetnas, Tordrillos, Aleutian Chain and much more. The options are endless with the Premium Ski Safari.

We'll begin and end in the Western Chugach in Girdwood at the Hotel Alyeska. From there, we can incude one or all of the following: Pacific Coast Mountains (East overlooking the ocean), Northern Chugach, Talkeetnas (North of Palmer), Tordrillos (West of Cook Inlet) and other zones that we love to explore.


The weather and conditions always differ between all of the zones and mountain ranges discussed in this trip. Generally, temperatures are always reasonable, never going below 0F (-17C) and never warming up above 30F (0C) until mid-April. With the "Private" nature of this trip, we're flexible to adjust our itinerary based on weather and conditions at the time.


With nearly 11 hours of daylight by the end of February, and reliably great snow in all of the aforementioned mountain zones, this trip is available from the end of February until the middle of April.

The Very Best of AK in one amazing trip
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"This was a dream come true... wait, better than that. It was the most amazing ski trip I've ever done."
- Thomas Laakso, Ski category manager Black Diamond Equipment.
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With 750,000 acres of heli terrain, 4 helicopters, 2 snowcats, and Alyeska Resort, CPG clients are in the mountains every day.

Chugach Powder Guides was founded in 1997 in the heart of the Western Chugach mountain range. Since then, CPG has opened up the finest backcountry skiing and snowboarding in the world, flying guests into terrain suitable for all skill levels. We have cataloged hundreds of new runs and tens of thousands of landings between the interior Chugach, Seward area, and Tordrillo mountains.

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