Girdwood, Alaska

If you follow CPG’s marketing channels, you’ve probably noticed how proud we are to call Girdwood home. Our location is a huge perk for employees and guests alike. Weather days here are still a lot of fun here. We’re grateful for our proximity to Alyeska Resort, but that’s not the only thing Girdwood has going for it. There’s a whole host of skiing and non-skiing activities in and around town. Here’s a short guide to some of our favorite activities that can be planned and booked the morning of a weather cancellation. 

Go Skiing!

It’s no surprise that our favorite and most-recommended weather day activity is skiing or snowboarding at Alyeska. Oftentimes when we can’t fly it’s due to the fact that it’s snowing, meaning there’s no better time to go lap the resort. You will usually find your guides up there doing the same thing. Of course we all love to heli and cat ski, and it’s often the reason our guests come to Alaska, but skiing always beats not skiing and Alyeska Resort is an awesome, steep mountain. They also have plenty of good food and beverage options. If you want to fit in with the locals, head to the Boretide Bar at the top of the tram and order the crowd-favorite “fizz” (make sure your heli day is officially canceled before indulging in any alcoholic beverages!).

Hit the Nordic Spa.

Sometimes your legs need a rest, or the conditions at the resort aren’t great, and you’re in the mood for a non-skiing activity. Girdwood gained a major perk this past year with the construction of the new Alyeska Nordic Spa. Treat yourself to a nice afternoon of recovery so you can feel recharged and ready to go when the weather clears.

Fat bikes.

Another good option for guests staying at the hotel is to rent fat bikes and cruise around town. Alyeska rents bikes right out of the hotel, and there’s a bike path that runs all the way through Girdwood. Bike to lunch, over to the brewery, or check out the Nordic ski trails in Moose Meadows, which are only a five minute ride from the hotel. Biking is a great way to switch up the muscle movements and leave your legs ready for more shredding. 


For guests that have a rental vehicle with them, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a great way to kill an afternoon. Located just ten miles south of Girdwood on the Seward Highway, the AWCC is a sanctuary that rescues animals and offers both guided and unguided tours. They have wolves, lynx, bears, muskox, wood bison and more. 

Backcountry ski touring and snowmobiling.

For guests that have scheduled down days, they may consider going ski touring or snowmobiling. 

Ski Touring. There are two companies that offer guided ski touring in the area. Both of these outfits have ties to CPG and employ either current or former CPG guides. To book a day of ski touring, reach out to 

Sundog Ski Guides.

Remarkable Adventures. 

Snowmobiling – or as we call it in Alaska “Snowmachining.” There are currently two companies offering guided tours out of Girdwood. Both of these tours offer scenic glacier views and are a ton of fun.

Glacier City Snowmobile Tours

Alaska Wild Guides 


And of course, there’s a whole host of great food and beverage options which will be covered in another blog.

For other suggestions, feel free to ask your guides. They will have a ton of great local knowledge to point you in the right direction.