Keep It Simple

If it’s your first time heli skiing, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at what to pack and wear for the day. The good news is that packing for heli skiing isn’t really any different than gearing up for a day at your favorite resort.

CPG provides your lunch and safety equipment (beacon, shovel, probe, harness, airbag and radio).  You really just need to worry about the layers you will wear, and a few extra items that you can keep in your backpack.


We recommend using a basic layering system that can be adjusted for warmer or colder days. The most common way (that you will see your guides use) is base layer, fleece, insulated/puffy jacket, shell. For extra cold days you can double one of the layers. For warm days you can take the puffy off and put it in your backpack. On the bottom, a pair of long johns and your ski pants will do just fine. When it’s extra cold you can always double up the long johns. It also never hurts to have a spare layer in your backpack, especially if you run cold.


The only other things you will need are your helmet, goggles, gloves, buff or facemask, and sunscreen. It’s a good idea to have an extra set of goggle lenses so that you can adjust for sunny or cloudy weather. Many guests also like to bring hand warmers and a camera.

In general it’s best to keep your kit as minimal as possible. The airbag backpacks have some room, but you don’t want to carry too much weight on your back. On the morning of your trip, your guides will always help you make decisions about how warm to dress. Most importantly, try not to stress about the gear too much and just enjoy the experience!