At CPG we fly in AStar B3 Helicopters from Airbus (formerly Eurocopter). These machines utilize the perfect balance of size, power and maneuverability to get us into the unique Alaskan terrain we love to ski. The AStar can carry up to five passengers, meaning each heli ski “group” will contain four guests and one guide. Depending on whether you have signed up for single-day, semi-private package, or private charter heli skiing, the ship may serve 1-4 groups on any given day.


The small group model allows for more variable run selection and terrain customization. We share a zone during multi-group heli skiing, but it’s common for each group to ski different runs or variations. If you book as a single or group of two or three, we do our best to match ability levels and desires within each group. This way your group can ski the runs you want to ski. 

Alaskan heli skiing has always been about exploration. When we set out on a given day we have ideas about which runs we might ski, but the day always evolves based on weather, group ability and other factors. With the AStar we have the maneuverability to use different LZ’s and PZ’s for different situations. The small groups allow us to ski a variety of different runs, making for a a truly unique mountain experience each day.