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Metal Spines
Metal Spines
Staying on the high side
Photo By: Adam Clark
No spooning tracks here.
Photo By: Adam Clark
Heli-skiing in Seward Alaska
Heli-skiing in Seward Alaska
Helicopter skiing in Seward Alaska overlooking the Pacific Ocean with Chugach Powder Guides
Photo By: Lauren Georgelos

Chugach Powder Guides Trips

We cater your trip to you, offering more terrain and trip options than any other heli-ski operation in the world.

Chances are you first discovered the sheer joy of arcing turns on a powder day at a local ski hill in your backyard. Well, our backyard's a little bigger, a lot steeper and more than a little breathtaking. It includes long, rolling, deep powder runs, tree skiing through old-growth forests, curtains, spines, couloirs, high alpine summit ramps and awe-inspiring views of Prince William Sound and the Turnagain Arm.

Deep in the Chugach Mountains, we offer skiing and snowboarding adventures that redefine the limits of things like gondolas and chairlifts, altitude and speed. Our terrain includes the Northern Chugach Range and the Talkeetnas for a heli ski experience with high altitudes, even higher peaks, dry powder, endless runs and incredible scenery. This is what your GoPro was made for.

Chugach Powder Guides caters to strong intermediate, advanced, expert and professional skiers and riders who want three things: diverse terrain, clean lines and adventure on a grand scale. If it's your first heli ski trip, we recommend a few runs on a moderate glacier before progressing into steeper terrain and the unlimited possibilities that winter in Alaska offers.

We pay close attention to the weather and snow conditions as our first priority is your safety. We tailor your trip to your skill level and work with you even before you arrive to come up with a suitable terrain plan. Once we're confident you're ready for the big guys, we'll progress into more challenging territory that is right for you.

Any questions? Give us a call at (907) 783-Heli or shoot us a quick email at:

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Girdwood / Alyeska
With 750,000 acres of heli-ski terrain, 4 helicopters, 2 snowcats, and Alyeska Resort, our Girdwood trips offer the "best bet" for every-day powder skiing on the planet.
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Girdwood Private Charter
Come with us and experience the mountain zones from the Tordrillos to the Talkeetnas, to the Northern and Western Chugach, to the Pacific Coast. We'll customize a tour for your group complete with accomodations, private helicopter, experienced guides and an itinerary for the ultimate adventure.
CPG Chugach Powder Guides - Seward, Alaska heli skiing
Remote Private Charter
The Remote Private Charter offers a full immersion in custom zones that you choose with your guides based on the weather and conditions. Let us show you the hidden gems of South Central Alaska.
Endless Terrain Options
No matter what your level or your aspirations, CPG has plenty of terrain and experience for you. Take a look...
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About CPG
With 750,000 acres of heli terrain, 4 helicopters, 2 snowcats, and Alyeska Resort, CPG clients are in the mountains every day.

Chugach Powder Guides was founded in 1997 in the heart of the Western Chugach mountain range. Since then, CPG has opened up the finest backcountry skiing and snowboarding in the world, flying guests into terrain suitable for all skill levels. We have cataloged hundreds of new runs and tens of thousands of landings between the interior Chugach, Seward area, and Tordrillo mountains.

Physical: 439 Mount Hood Drive
Mailing: PO Box 641 Girdwood, AK, 99587
Phone: 907-783-4354
Fax: 907-519-6356
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Alyeska Resort is Alaska's premier year-round destination featuring the 304-room Hotel Alyeska. Alyeska is CPG's exclusive hospitality partner.
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HSUS is a trade association whose members represent the very best helicopter skiing operators in the United States. Our members work cooperatively to help establish the highest safety and operating standards in the helicopter skiing industry.
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